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Internet is known as the network of networks.The internet is the world's largest computer network.A computer network is the communication between one computer and another.
The two major types of network are:
-WAN(wide area network).
-LAN(local area network).
www world wide web
the web is in the internet.www is a web browser that is used to link different websites or addresses that has text,images,videos and other multimedia through the internet.
the web has a lot of pages used for those marketing and publication.These pages are called webpages.The the web page can link to another web page by the use of hyperlink.
Web site is a collection of related web pages,images,videos and other related things and are given a single address or common uniform resources laocator(url).
Note:the invention of internet was made by ARPANET(advance resources project agency net)in 1969 in united state of america.
We shoud meet in the next topic..
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types of computer

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We have three types of computer:
1.analog computer.
2.digital computer.
3.hybrid computer.
Analog:analog computer is an electronic or hydraulic device(equipment or machine) that is designed(constructed)tp handle inputs in terms of voltage or hydraulic pressures,rather than numeric values.i.e the more there is pressure or force on the analog computer,the more it indicates a response.
Digital:a digital computer is an electronic computing machine that uses binary digits(bits or code)0 and 1 to process and represent all the information in the computer.the most important difference between an anolog and digital computer is there processing method.digital process with binary code while analog process with spring or voltage pressures.example of digital is lap,a full tower computer.....etc.
Hybrid:this is a computing machine that combines digital and analog processing elements.......eg electrocardiogram.

Yanda zaka ninka kudinka sau ashirin a airtel

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[AIRTEL NG] yanzu haka zaka iya linka
kudunka har sau ashirin domin morewa
1.kasaka dari 100 kasamu dari 600 dakuma
2.kasaka dari 200 kasamu dubu dakuma
3.har iya kudun dazakasa airtel zasu linkama....
hakan ya janyo da yawa jama'a sunfara yin
kaura daga sauran layukan waya zuwa airtel
domin moran garabasa mai yawan gaske


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Just copy below code

Enter URL

Url : 


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*#06# – IMEI number
*#0*# – Enter the service menu on newer phones like Galaxy S III
*#*#4636#*#* – Phone information, usage statistics and battery
*#*#34971539#*#* – Detailed camera information
*#*#273282*255*663282*#*#* – Immediate backup of all media files
*#*#197328640#*#* – Enable test mode for service
*#*#232339#*#* – Wireless LAN tests
*#*#0842#*#* – Backlight/vibration test
*#*#2664#*#* – Test the touchscreen
*#*#1111#*#* – FTA software version (1234 in the same code will give PDA and firmware version)
*#12580*369# – Software and hardware info
*#9090# – Diagnostic configuration
*#872564# – USB logging control
*#9900# – System dump mode
*#301279# – HSDPA/HSUPA Control Menu
*#7465625# – View phone lock status
*#*#7780#*#* – Reset the /data partition to factory state
*2767*3855# – Format device to factory state (will delete everything on phone)
##7764726 – Hidden service menu for Motorola Droid *#*#7594#*#* – Enable direct powering down of device once this code is entered
*#*#273283*255*663282*#*#* – Make a quick backup of all the media files on your Android device
*#*#232338#*#* – Shows Wi-Fi MAC address
*#*#1472365#*#* – Perform a quick GPS test
*#*#1575#*#* – For a more advanced GPS test
*#*#0283#*#* – Perform a packet loopback test
*#*#0*#*#* – Run an LCD display test
*#*#0289#*#* – Run Audio test
*#*#2663#*#* – Show device’s touch-screen version
*#*#0588#*#* – Perform a proximity sensor test
*#*#3264#*#* – Show RAM version
*#*#232331#*#* – Run Bluetooth test
*#*#232337#*# – Show device’s Bluetooth address
*#*#7262626#*#* – Perform a field test
*#*#8255#*#* – Monitor Google Talk service
*#*#4986*2650468#*#* – Show Phone, Hardware, PDA, RF Call Date firmware info
*#*#1234#*#* – Show PDA and Phone firmware info
*#*#2222#*#* – Show FTA Hardware version
*#*#44336#*#* – Show Build time and change list number
*#*#8351#*#* – Enable voice dialing log mode, dial *#*#8350#*#* to disable it
##778 (+call) – Show EPST menu
These codes are specific to HTC devices only:
*#*#3424#*#* – Run HTC function test program
*#*#4636#*#* – Show HTC info menu
##8626337# – Run VOCODER
##33284# – Perform field test
*#*#8255#*#* – Launch Google Talk service monitor
##3424# – Run diagnostic mode
##3282# – Show EPST menu
##786# – Reverse Logistics Support


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Creation of wapsite using wapsite builders was too easy . Especially in Xtgem , They are providing too many graphical tools to create wapsite . Designing wapsite in Xtgem with CSS Style also very very easy , For that also they providing some tools . Here through this article you are going to learn some methods which allow to add CSS Style to your Xtgem wapsite .
What is CSS Style Sheet File :
The CSS Style Sheet File is used to design sites . In the olden day's webmasters where add the designing elements directly inside the Html Tags . But in the modern age of website development , Webmasters where create a separate CSS Style Sheet File and call them to the Html Tag's . By the new method webmasters can design their website or mobile site more better than the old method .
How to Add CSS Style File to Xtgem Wapsite :
It is very easy to add CSS Style File to your Xtgem Wapsite , To do this you have to know the basic knowledge about Xtgem wapsite builder and its functions . Follow the basic rules that given below .
*.Log-in to your XtgemDashboard.
*.Enter to the site which you Manage .
*.On the "File Browser" You can see two files "Global_stylesheet.css" and "xtgem_template.css" .
*.Click on the "xtgem_template.css" If you want to add css file for Xtgem Blog or click on the "Global_stylesheet.css" for add css to all pages except the Xtgem Blog .
*.Add the CSS Style Code inside the "Text Area" and click on the "Save" Button .
*.You aredone.
If you don't know about creating css file , Then learn it from the famous coding sites like W3schools.com There you can see more tips and tricks about CSS Style Sheet File development ..


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SQL Injection Tutorial.
.data is one of the most vital components of information systems. Database powered web applications are used by the organization to get data from customers. SQLis the acronym for Structured Query Language. It is used to retrieve and manipulate data in the database.
What is a SQL Injection?
SQL Injection is an attack that poisons dynamic SQLstatements to comment out certain parts of the statement or appending a condition that will always be true. It takes advantage of the design flaws in poorly designed web applications to exploit SQLstatements to execute malicious SQLcode.
In this tutorial, you will learn SQLInjection techniques and how you can protect web applications from such attacks.
- How SQL Injection Works
- Hacking Activity: SQL Inject a Web Application
- Other SQL Injection attack types
- Automation Tools for SQL Injection
- How to Prevent against SQL Injection Attacks
- Hacking Activity: Use Havji for SQL Injection
How SQL Injection Works
The types of attacks that can be performed using SQL injection vary depending on the type of database engine.
The attack works on dynamic SQL statements. A dynamic statement is a statement that is generated at run time using parameters password from a web form or URI query string.
Let’s consider a simple web application with a login form. The code for the HTML form is shown below.

- The above form accepts the email address, and password then submits them to a PHPfile named index.php.
-It has an option of storing the login session in a cookie. We have deduced this from the remember_me checkbox. It uses the post method to submit data. This means the values are not displayed in the URL.
Let’s suppose the statement at the backend for checking user ID is as follows
SELECT * FROM users WHERE email = $_POST['email'] AND password = md5($_POST['password']);
*.The above statement uses the values of the $_POST[] array directly without sanitizing them.
*.The password is encrypted using MD5 algorithm.
We will illustrate SQL injection attack using sqlfiddle. Open the URL http://sqlfiddle.com/in your web browser. You will get the following window.
Note: you will have to write the SQL statements
Step 1)Enter this code in left pane
CREATE TABLE `users` (
`email` VARCHAR(45) NULL,
`password` VARCHAR(45) NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`id`));

insert into users (email,password) values (' m@m.com',md5('abc'));
Step 2)Enter this code in right pane
select * from users;
Step 3)Click Build Schema
Step 4)Click Run SQL. You will see the following result
Suppose user supplies admin@admin.sysand1234as the password. The statement to be executed against the database would be
SELECT * FROM users WHERE email = ' admin@admin.sys' AND password = md5('1234');
The above code can be exploited by commenting out the password part and appending a condition that will always be true. Let’s suppose an attacker provides the following input in the email address field.
xxx@xxx.xxx' OR 1 = 1 LIMIT 1 -- ' ]
xxx for the password.
The generated dynamic statement will be as follows.
SELECT * FROM users WHERE email = ' xxx@xxx.xxx' OR 1 = 1 LIMIT 1 -- ' ] AND password = md5('1234');
*. xxx@xxx.xxxends with a single quote which completes the string quote
*.OR 1 = 1 LIMIT 1 is a condition that will always be true and limits the returned results to only one record.
*.-- ' AND … is a SQL comment that eliminates the password part.
Copy the above SQL statement and paste it in SQL FiddleRun SQL Text box......read part 2

how to submit your site/blog to freebasics

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Now i think its your time to turn your blog into something wonderful by exposing it in the world through the help of internet.org and facebook free basic program. Free Basic program is an Open source program by Facebook that will bring you free internet service in your locality without spending a dime.
As you all know that Airtel is presently partnering with facebook in providing free internet service to nigerians and other african countries and its really a nice innovation but somehow controversial, because many are critising that the act of bringing free internet service will destroy net neutrality, well lets allow this argument for those that are expert on the field.
My objective here is just to guide you on how to submit your site/blog to free facebook basic program so that users on the service can enjoy visiting your site/blog with there airtel line for free. yeah thats what i mean you can submit your website/blog to free-basics facebook programs like the wikipedia, naij.com and other sites that is already on the list and this will allow users to browse through your site for free but its really not a simple job.
Benefit As a Content Publisher
Content Publisher can really enjoy the benefit of that service because its like a source of open traffic to your blog, imagine getting an audience of 1,000 to 100,000 within a month, you can't really predict how much audience you will get from Africa, Asia and Latin America that uses the facebook service for free.
If you own a website or blog you can just join the free basic platform by adding your app, blog to free basic platform which in turns provide people free internet access to visit your site and other relevant online content beneficial to them.
Benefit of Adding your website to Facebook Free-Basics Program
There are many benefit attached to this particular program if you add your site to this particular platform, it can help grow or increase your audience by providing affordable access to your services and improve your ranking position on the global net service, there is also a scale of social impact to your social media, as we know you can't underestimate the power of social media and its a really a choice to improve your marketing activities in a shortwhile by providing affordable service to your online marketing tools.
Don't you think that the early the better for you to establish your brand mobile market and with over 100 million people visiting the internet daily with there mobile devices is a key opportunity for you to make your business visible to the world so that you can have a fastest-growing business environment.
What You need to Have Before Submitting your Site to facebook Free-Basic Program
Compatibility Issue
The goal of the Free Basics Platform is to provide people with a set of free basic services that will serve as an onramp to bringing them online. More people will want to connect to the internet and ultimately become paying users if they first experience the benefits of being online. To do this effectively for people who are new to the internet, it’s important to have content and services available that are useful and easy to use, to enable as many developers and entrepreneurs as possible to participate in Free Basics, and to offer services that encourage the exploration of the broader internet. you can check more on the compatibility issue here: Compatibility check guideline
This is some of the services not supported on Free Basics video files, VoIP, file transfers, and high-resolution photos (which will be truncated if larger than 1 MB). You can help your service pass this stage of review by limiting your service’s bandwidth usage.
One thing you have to put in mind is that make sure your site is not relyinh on javascript and if so you can be able to secure a working CSS script to make your site navigation simple, Build your service to be mobile compatible and Optimize for feature phones.
How to Submit your Website or Blog to Facebook Free-Basics
To Start just follow the Guidelines step to prepare and submit your service at Free-Basic Submission here https://developers.facebook.com /docs/internet-org/gettingstarted
After Submitting, Facebook will review your entry, and if approved, your content will be live on Free Basics for millions of people to access the world over.
Source: http://www.wikiban.com /2016/05/how-to-submit-your-siteblog- to-facebook.htm

HTML TAGS kashi na farko

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Sauqaqqen misalin html

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<!DOCTYPE html>
shafin koyan kimiya,labarai dss
<h1>menene ma'anar html?
sakin layi na farko
bayanin misali
-shi <!DOCTYPE html> alama ce da take nunawa na'urar lilo cewa za a rubuta html code.
-shi kuma <html> element ne dake nuna inda aka fara ko kuma tushen html code.
-shi kuma <head> element ne da suke acikin meta,su bawai a shafin zakagansu ba,ana ganinsu ne daga can samanshafi,ana anfani dasu ne wajen searching ta search engines.
-shi kuma <title> yana nufin sunan shafi.
-shi kuma <body>sune wuraren da ake gani a screan,misali a homepage na wasu shafukan akwai login,registration dss.
-shi kuma <h1> element ne da yake nuna babbar maudu'i,ma'ana heading kenan a turance.
-sai na karshe wato <p>wanda shi kuma yana nuni ne akan paragraph...
skilled by ibrahim.

Magana jarice 0035

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Wata rana wani Bahaushe wai shi Wawa za shi
fatauci, sai ya bi ta kasar Yarbawa, Wawa ba ya
jin Yarbanci, mutanen da ya tarar a wannan gari
su kuma ba su jin Hausa. Amma duk da wannan
Wawa bai lura ba. Yana cikin tafiya, ya kawo
kofar gari, sai ya ga wani katon garken shanu fari
fat suna kiwo. Wawa ya yi mamakin wanda ke da
wadannan shanu masu yawa haka, sai ya
tambayi wani mutum nan kofa ya gaya masa ko
shanun wane ne wadannan.
Mutumin ya amsa da Yarbanci, ya ce, “Ni ban ji
Wawa da ya ji haka tsammani ya ke “Ni ban ji
ba” shi ne mutumin da ke da shanun. Don haka
ya ce, “Ni-ban-ji=ba lalle yana da sukuni.” Ya
wuce ya shiga gari, sai ya kai ga wani babban
gida. Ya daga kai, ya ga lalle gidan nan ya amsa
sunansa, samari, wa ke da wannan babban gida
Yaron ba ya jin Hausa, shi kuma sai ya ce a cikin
harshensa “Ni ban ji ba.”
Da Wawa ya ji haka, sai ya ce, “Kai, ba shakka
Ni-ban-ji-ba ba wanda ya fi shi sule garin nan.
Wannan irin gida sai ka ce na Sarki. Da ganin
wannan ai ko ba a gaya maka ba ka san wurin
nan sule ya zauna da gindinsa.” Ya haura
takalmansa ya wuce faram, faram, faram, faram,
har bakin kogin garin. Yana zuwa sai ya tarad da
wani jirgi ya zo, ana ta fid da kaya daga cikinsa.
Wawa ya dubi kaya, ya ce, “Oi! Wannanjirgi ya
yiwo kaya!” Ya dubi wani nan kusa gare shi, ya
ce, “Dan’uwa, duk ko kayan nan na mutum guda
Shi bayarabe bai ji abin da ya ce ba, sai ya dube
shi, ya ce, “Ni ban ji ba.”
Da Wawa ya ji haka sai ya rike baki, ya ce, “masu
gari! Hakika Ni-ban-ji-ba ya huce haushinsa. Ina
ma Allah zai sa in gamu da wannan mutum, ko
wajen adonsa ma in more ma idona!” Sai ya
zauna ya huta, ya debi ruwa ya sha, ya kama
hanya zai wuce. Ya kai kofar gari ke nan, sai ya
ga wani mattacce an dauko shi, za a kai shi a
rufe, wadansu na ta kuka. Wawa ya tsaya yana
dubansu. Tausai ya kama shi, ya matsa wajen
wata tsohuwa, ya ce mata, “Wane ne wannan ya
riga mu gidan gaskiya?”
Tsohuwa ba ta ji Hausa ba, sai ta dube shi, ta ce,
“Ni ban ji ba.”
Wawa da ya ji haka sai ya daffe kai, ya ce, “Allah
mai girma! Ka san kowa samun nan na duniya ya
ruda, ya shiga uku. Don Allah dubi abin da Ni-
ban-ji-ba ya tara. Ga shi yanzu ya zama sai
labari, kamar dadai duniya ba a halicce shi ba!
Cikin duk abin nan da ya tara, dubi dan kyallen da
za a kai shi da shi. Tun da ya ke al’amarin nan
haka ya ke, to, ni yanzu me ya ruda ni har da na
rabo da gida don rashin wadar zuci? Ga shi Allah
bai hana mini abin da zan ci ba. Watau ba dai
abin da ya fid da ni gida sai in sami abin alfahari
in kara sabo. Mhm, Allah ya kiyashe mu da aikin
Shaidan! Na gode Allah da ya kawo ni nan na
sami gargadi daga al’amarin Ni-ban-ji-ba. Ba
sauran abin da ya fi, sai in koma garimmu, in
dangana da abin da Allah ke ba ni wajen ‘yar
Da ma an ce, “Gani ga wani ya isa tsoron Allah.”
Musa ya tashi, har ya bude zauren farko, sai ya ji
bayi sun farka. Sai ya kuta, ya koma.
Da Waziri ya ga kwana biyu sun wuce, kowace
safiya bayin nan da ya sa suka dawo sai su ce
ba wanda ya ko leko zauren, har abin ya dame
shi, ya ce, “A’a! Da ko na yi tsammanin zai fito,
dabara.” Ya kira wata tsohuwar baisarsa, ya
bayyana mata abin da ya ke so duka game da
Musa, ya ce mata in ta yi kokarin ta taimake shi
har ta sa Musa ya fita waje, zai ba ta fam goma,
ya kuma ‘yanta ta. Ya kawo sule goma, ya fara
ba ta ta lasa.
Tsohuwa ta ce, “Ta kwana gidan Sauki.”
Magariba na yi, sai ta shiga gidan Sarki da kayan
talla, ta kaikaici idon mutane ta yahuto Musa
waje guda, ta ce, “Mahmudu ya aiko ni, ya ce a
gaya maka wai kai haka za ka yarda ka lalace
cikin matia? Ya ce a gaya maka fa duniya ba ta
auren raggo.”
Musa ya matsa kusa da tsohuwa, ya ce, “Don
Allah iya, yana can yana ta yaki ko?”
Tsohuwa ta ce, “Habe! Yanzu sanisanimmu akwai
wanda a ke magana irin Mahmundu? Ni ma fa
can na ke sansani, mu ke yi musu abinci.
Mahmudu ya shaku da ni, ya aiko ni gare ka.”
Musa ya ce, “Koma maza ki gaya masa, gobe in
Allah ya so ya gan ni.” Tsohuwa ta koma.
Da dare ya yi, Musa ya saurara ya ji barci ya
kwashe bayin nan, sai ya shigo damaru, ya zo
wurin aku, ya ce, “Ka ji Mahmudu na can sansani
yana ta abin kirki, ni za sa in lalace nan cikin
Aku ya ce, “Yallabai, ina ruwana? Ni ban hana ka
ba. Yaya barde kamarka zai ce za shi wurin yaki
a hana shi? Tun da ya ke niyyarka ka yi abin da
zai faranta wa tsohonka rai ne, ai kowane hadari
ka shiga Allah ya fisshe ka, yadda ya fid da Auta
dan Sarkin noma daga namun jeji.”
Musa ya ce, “Wane rigima ta kai shi ga fadawa
hannun namun jeji?” Aku ya karba:

Magana jarice 002

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Wata rana namun daji suka taru suna shawarar
ta kofar da ya kamata su rika fitowa ‘yan Adam,
don su kubuta daga tarkokinsu. Kowa na kawo
tasa ana kushewa, sai dila ya ce, “Ba abin da fi,
sai a yi makaranta nan dawn, mu da muka sha
gwagwarmaya da mutane, muka gane makircinsu,
mu rika koya wa na baya irin dabarummu.”
Sauran dabbobi suka yarda da wanna magana.
Daga nan sai kura ta ce, “To, wa za a sa? Ai ka
san wannan aikin sai mu.”
Zaki ya ce, “To, gaya mana irin dabarun da ki kan
yi ki kubuta daga mutane, sa’an nan mu gani in
hanyoyinki na da amfani ga sauran su bi.”
Kura ta ce, “Ai ba wata dabara da ta ke raba ka
da mutum, sai idan wuri ya kure maka ka bude
hakora ka tasam masa. In ko akwai ‘yar tazara,
ka sanke ka yi ta tanka.”
Zomo ya ce, “Allah wadan wannandabara taki. In
ke kina da karfin tasam musu, mu muna da shi
ne?” Ya dubi zaki, ya ce, “allah ya ba Sarki
nasara, mafitarmu daya ce, idan kowa ya yi rami
a kasa, ya yi masa kofa kamar goma duk nesa da
juna. Ka ga in an rutsa ka nan sai ka bulle nan, in
an datse nan sai ka bullo nan.”
Bauna ta dubi zomo, ta yi murmushi, ta ce “kadai,
yaro dai yaro ne. Kana maganar a gina rami, ni
ina ka ga ramin da zan iya shiga?”
Dila ya ce, “Ce ma kya iya shiga, to, in kun gamu
a wajen kiwo fa? Ko kuwa don tsoro sai a bar
neman abinci?”
Zomo ya ce, “Ai wannan sauki gare shi. Da kun
gamu ya sa karnukansa suka biyo ka, sai ka yi
gaba kama ka wuce, ka ta da kura ka komo baya,
ka sami gidan gara ka make gindinsa, sai ka saje
da shi.”
Wannan magana ta zomo ta ba kowa haushi, har
giwa ta tashi take shi, ba ta sani ba. Ta harare
shi ta ce, “Kai sakarai, in kai kana iya makewa a
suri, mu fa? Kai karnuka suka dame ka, me aka yi
aka yi karnuka? Cikin abubuwan ba tsoro har a
gama da kare? Wannan ba dan’uwammu ba ne,
kwadayi ya kai shi cikin mutane har ya yarda
suna wulakanta shi kamar ba dan halas ba? Kai
ma zomo, ba ka san maganar ka ka ke yi ba.”
Kowa ya yi ta kawo dabararsa, don a sa shi
malamin dawa, amma in saura suka bincika, sai
su ga shi kadai ta ke wa amfani. Can an rasa
wanda za a zaba, sai dila ya yi tsalle ya fado
gaban manyan dawa ya ce, “Allah ya kiyashe ka
daga sharrin mutane, ni za a ba malanta, domin
duk makircin mutane ba wanda ban sani ba.”
Kura ta ce, “Ba a tambaye ka yawan magana ba.
Ka fadi dabarun da ka ke yi kana tserad da kanka
mu ji, in mun yarda.”
Dila ya dubi zaki, ya ce, “Allah ya daukake ka, na
san kuka na cikin abubuwan da ke tona mu ga
mutane, saboda haka in na yi kuka gabas sai in
ruga in komma yamma, in na yi a yamma sai in
koma kudu. Ban taba tsayawa inda aka ji na yi
kuka ba, balle a biyo.”
Zaki ya girgiza kai, ya ce, “Lalle lana da dabara a
wannan wuri, amma in ka yi barci fa? Ko kuwa
kullum ba a yi, sai ka yi ta gudu ka je nan, ka je
Dila ya ce, “Allah ya ba manyan dawa nasara, ai
ni ba na barci sai tsakiyar ganyayen doka. In da
ko fara ta fadi na ji kyamas sai in farka, in na ga
ta tsayay in tsaya, in zuciyata ba ta ba ni ba in
Zaki ya ce, “Lalle kana da dabara.”
Kura ta ce, “manyan dawa, ai ko wajen shan ruwa
mutane na cutarmu. In ya ce yana da dabara a
fili ta wajen shan ruwa fa?”
Dila ye ce, “Ai ni ba na shan ruwa yadda ku ke yi.
In na ji kishirwa sai in tafi rafi, in tsoma
wutsiyata cikin ruwa, in fito waje in tsotse, in
koma in sake tsomawa. Haka na kan yi ta yi har
in koshi, amma ban gane wa in dukad da kaina
ba. Irin wanan shan ruwa da ku ke yi, ai ita ce
baya ba zane. In wani ya lababo daga baya, ai
barna ta auku.”
Damisa ta ji haka sai ta ce, “Mhm, ai ba nan
mutane su ke sha da arna ba, sai wajen yin tarko.
Babban abin da ba mu san kansa ba ke nan.”
Dila ya ce, “Ni dai abin da na tsare, shi ne duk
inda na ga itace ya sarke, ba alamar ganye, ba
alamar saiwa a gindinsa sai in sake hanya. Na
san Ialle itatuwa ba su tsira sai da saiwa da ko
ganyaye, ko sun bushe a ga alamar inda su ke. In
ko ina tafiya, na ga wani abincina a inda ba safai
ya kamata a same shi nan ba, sai in hade
kwadayina, in kewaya in wuce shi.”
Zaki da sauran dabbobi suka ce, “Lalle, dila, mun
yarda kai ne malamin dawa.” Suka tara
‘ya’yansu a makaranta, dila ya yi ta koya musu
wayo iri iri. Kullum in darasi ya fado a kan
dabarun da ya kamata su yi su kubuta daga
mutane, sai dan zaki ya tashi, ya ce don mutum,
wannan dan karamin aihaki, shi ba ya bata
lokacinsa ga jin labarin makircinsa ba.
In dila yana rarrashinsa ya tsaya ya karu, sai ya
ce, “Ni dai don kwashe kashinsa a hannu. In
same shi in keta cikin, in karairaya kasusuwansa,
in cinye namansa, in sha jininsa in more!”
A kwana a tashi, ran nan dan zakin nan na yawo,
da shi da dan rakumin dawa, sai suka hangi wani
Bararo tafe da kayan tsabgu da igiyoyin dangwali
mai yawa, sun yiwo tashi, ya bar ‘yan’uwansa a
baya, yana sauri ya riga su isa mashekari, ya fara
zaben wuri ya yi bukka. Yana tafe yana ‘yan
wake-wakensa da Fillanci, yana kirari shi kadai
kamar mahaukaci. Ko da rakumin dawa ya hango
shi, sai ya ga bayanin da dila ke yi msu na
mutum Dan zaki kuwa ya tsaya, yana kallon wata
irin halitta dabam da wadda bai saba gani ba.
Da Bororon nan ya yiwo kusa, sai dan zaki ya ce
masa, “kai, tsaya! Cikin namun daji, kai ne wa?
Tun da na tashi ban taba ganinka ba. Kai ko
gaisuwa fada ba ka zuaa?
Bororo ya ajiye kayansa, ya fadi gaban zaki ya
ce, “Ni ne Kuzajje. Abin da ya sa ba ka ganina
fada, kunya na ke ji, ga kowa da kafa hudu, ni
kko sai biyu, ga kowa da wutsiya, ni ko fimfirin.
Dubi gashinku layalaya, ni ko tik da ni, kamar na
fito daga wuta.”
Dan zaki ya ce, “To, ina za ka da wadannan
Bororo ya ce, “Kura ta kira ni in je in yi mata gida,
don tana tsoron mutum.”
Dan zaki ya ce, “Shin don allah ina zan bi in
gamu da mutum yanzu? Shi na ke nema ruwa a
jallo, kwana da kwanaki ban gan shi ba.”
Bororo ya durkusa, ya ce, “Yau da gobe dai ai ka
gari shi, yallabai. Amma ai tsoron karo da irinku
ya ke yi. M, kada ka tsai da ni, ina sauri in je in yi
wa kura aikinta, ko ba don tsoron mutum ba ma,
ga rana ta fara zafi. Ba abin da ya fi gida dadi.”
Dan zaki ya ce, “tsaya ka yi mini gidan tukuna in
ji, sa’an nan ka wuce wajen na kura.”
Bororo ya ce, “A’a, yallabai ai ba ni da dama tun
da muka yi alkawari da ita, da ba ya magana
biyu. In dai na yiwo mata na dawo, na yi maka
don amfanina ke nan kawai wajenku.”
Dan zaki ya ce, “Zancen banza. Mece ce kura, har
ka ce sai ka yi mata gida za ka yi mini?” Ya taso
wa Bororo, ya sa dagi ya keta masa dan warki.
Bororo ya dubi warkinsa sabo ful, an yi masa
karantsaye, sai ya kume, ya dai hade bacin ransa,
ya ce, “Tun da ka ce kana so, manya dawa, ai sai
a tsaya a yi maka tukun.”
Dan zaki ya ce, “Dole. Ashe ana tsoron Inna, in ji
‘ya’yan mayya.”
Bororo ya tsuguna ya shirya tsabgunan, ya yi
tsaikon daki mai karfi tsakar wadansu itatuwa. Ya
bi tsaikon nan ya daure tam da itatuwan nan,
sa’an nan ya samo ciyawa himi guda ya tara, ya
samo kirare tuli ya tsiba gefe daya, kamar mai
shirin gashin tukwane. Da ya tara su duk, ya yi ta
diba, yana jitawa bisa tsaikon nan. Ya bar ‘yar
kofa wadda za ta isa dan zaki ya shiga. Da ya
gama aminta shi, ya durkusa gaban dan zaki, ya
ce, “Shiga mu gani in ya yi daidai da kai.”
Dan zaki ya shiga cikin bukka, nan da nan Bororo
ya mai da itatuwa, ya kulle, ya buga kyastu, ya
kewaye bukka da wuta. Da hayaki ya murtuke,
dan zaki ya kasa numfashi, sai ya yi neman
fitowa, ya kasa. Da ya ji ya matsu, sai ya yi kara
ya ce, “Kai Kuzajje, wannan daki naka ya faye
kunci, kuma iskar ciki ba ta shakuwa. Fid na ni.”
Bororo ya ce, “Habe, me ka ce? Kara fadi in ji? Ka
makara. Ji ne mutum wanda ka ke fartar kasa ka
ke cewa sai kun gamu. Kafin ka fara shan
alwashi, da ya kamata ka tambayi iyayenka, ka ji
yadda mu ke murtuku da su.”
Da dan zaki ya ji wuta ta kama ba ba ba, ya ce,
“Na tuba, don Allah ka fid da ni!”
Bororo ya ce, “Haba, da ma ka dangana. Alkalami
ya bushe.” Dan zaki ya cinye wuta kurmus.
Bororo ya kama hanyarsa ya yi gaba.
Wanda ya raina maganar na gabu gare shi, ya yi
abin da ya ga dama, kome ya same shi babu
Musa ya ce, “Me na ke ji haka kamar kiran
Aku ya saurara, ya ce, “Kiran salla ne kuwa! Kai,
wannan ladani ya yi sauri. Har asalatu ta yi?”
Musa ya tashi ya shige, bai ce masa kome ba,
don ya ga ba damar fita, duk mutane sun farka.
Musa ya yini ran nan yana ta cizon hannu, bai
sami fita bar har dare ya yi. Ya zauna yana alla-
alla bayin nan su yi barci, suka ki, sai can asuba.
Da ya ji sun yi barci suna minshari, sai ya tashi
ya taho wurin aku neman iznin tafiya.
Aku ya ce, “Yallabai, ina ni ina hana ka abin da
ka ke so.? Alhali ko ma abin da a ke so ne ga
dukan dam Musulmi, zumunci, Sai ka yi hanzari,
ka ga alfijir ya keto.”
Musa ya juya zai fita, aku ya ce, “Yallabai, sai ka
dauki fitila. Jiya na ji an koro wadansu barayi
daga gidan Kakaki, na ji ‘Yan Gadi na cewa kowa
suka gani ba fitila sa kama shi.”
Musa ya ce, “Yaya aka yi ban ji ko kuwwa ba, ga
shi kuwa ban runtsa ba?”
Aku ya ce, “hankalinka ne ba ya nan, da ka sha
dariya. Wani barawo ne ya shiga taskar Kakaki,
ya shinfids bargo yana shirin daure kayayyakin da
ya sata, sai wani barawon kuma ya fado dakin,
bai san wannan gudan ya riga shi ba. Yana sawo
kafa ciki, mai gidan. Saboda haka ya yiwo kofa da
gudu. Shi kuma wannan da ya zo yanzu, da ya ji
an nufo inda ya ke, sai ya yi tsammanin shi aka
biyo, shi kuma ya yi baya ya zura a guje. Banza
ta kori wofi, yadda ‘Yan Gadi suka yi da suka kori
barayi daga gonar Madaki.”
Musa ya ce, “Jiya har sata biyu aka yi? Sun ga
Sarki ba ya nan!”
Aku ya ce, “A’a, nasu dabam ne.”

Magana jarice 001

Ibrahim Auwal | July 02, 2017 | 0 Comments
A wani gari a kasashen gabas an yi wani babban Sarki wanda a ke kira Abdurrahman dan Alhaji. Rabonka da samun ko labarin mai arziki irinsa tun Dankaruna, mutum ko gidansa ya shiga ya ga yadda aka kawata shi, ya ga kuma irin kayayyakin da ke ciki, sai ya rike baki kawai, don abinya fi gaban mamaki. Zaurukan gidan nan kuwa – kai! In ma mutum ya ce zai tsaya ya bayyana arzikin Sarki Abdurrahman ga wadanda ba susan abin da a ke kira duniya ba, sai su yi tsammani shara ta yake yi.Amma duk yawan arzikin Sarkin nan sai ya zama na banza, don ba shi da ‘ya ‘ya, ba shi da kane, ba shi da wa. ‘Ya daya kadai gare shi, an ko yi mata aure, Saboda haka Sarkin nan ya zama ba wani wanda zai gani ransa ya yi fari cikin fadan nan tasa duka. Ya ga in ya mutu duk dukiyan nan sai a raba a ba matarsa da ‘yarsa kadai, abin da ya rage a sa baitulmali. Kuma sarautarsa sai wanda Allah ya ba ya ci. In ya tuna da wannan, duk sai ni’imomin duniyan nan da Allah ya ba shi su yi masa baki kirin.Ana nan ran nan sai ‘yan nan tasa ta haifi da namiji, aka yi shagali, aka sa wa yaron Malimudu. To, amma ko da ya ke Sarki ya yi murna kwarai da ya sami jika, duk da haka murnarsa ragaggiya ce domin dan mace ba ya gado, balle har a ce ya yi saraunta.Yana nan cikin wannan bakin ciki, sai ran nan wani shaihun malami ya so ya ce masa, “Na yi mafarki jiya, a gaya mini da zaka tara malamai arba’in su yi ta yi maka addu’a har kwana arba’in, in Allah ya so za ka haihu.”Sarki ya yi murna da wannan mafarki, ya dauko kudi da riguna zai ba malamin nan. Malamin ya ce shi ba kudi suka kawo shi ba, ya zo ne ya isad da umurni, ya yi sallama, ya tafi.Ranar ba ta sake juyowa ba sai da Sarki ya sa aka tara masa manya malamai guda arba’in na kasarsa, ya gaya musu abin da ya ke so. Suka ce, “To, Allah ya karbi rokonmu!” Mutane suka ce amin. Suka yi shiri, suka shiga masallaci, suka duka.Bangiji ya nufe su da katari, ya karbi rokonsu. Kwanan nan arba’in ba su cika basai da matar Sarki ta sami ciki, bayan wata tara ta haifi da namiji, wanda kyaunsa ba shi da iyaka. Shagalin da aka yi cikin kasannan, da farin cikin Sarki bisa ga wannan al’amari, ku da kanku kun san ba shi yiwuwa a bayyana shi cikin wannan dan karamin littafi. Aka dai fada wa yaron nan suna Musa. Watan tsakaninsu da jikan Sarki abin bai ko yi shekara ba.Sarki kuwa ya dauki ransa ya kallafa bisa kan yaron nan. A ma tsaya a kwantanta son da Sarki ke wa dan nan nasa, abin ya zama kauyanci ke nan.Kwanci tashi, bayan shekara biyu aka yaye yaron. Sarki kuma ya aika aka kawo jikan nan nasa Mahmudu, aka yaye su gaba daya, don su rika wasa tare. Suka tashi sai ka ce tagwaye, ba abin da ke raba su.Da duk abin nan burin Waziri, tun da Sarkinnan ba shi ba da namiji, in ya mutu shi ya ci saraunta. Yana alla-alla Sarki ya mutu bai haihu ba, sai Allah ya kaddara haihuwarwanan yaro. Tun ran da Waziri ya ji gudar haihuwar Musa, zuciyarsa ta yi baki kirin, daga ran nan ya zama ko mai suna Musa ba ya so ya gani, ya shiga kulle-kulle kullum na yadda zai yi ya kashe Musa, ko kuwa ya sa ya bi uwa duniya, abin ya gagara. Har yara suka yi kamar shekara goma sha biyar biyar, ko ina Sarkin nan za shi da su ya ke zuwa.Ana nan ran nan, ina ya Allah babu ya Allahsai Waziri ya sami wata dabara, ya ce a ransa ‘Alhamdu lillahi, ko-da-ya-ke ba yadda za a yi in sami Musa wani wuri shi kadai ba tare da Sarki ba, balle in san abin da zan yi masa, ai in na yi kokarin da na raba Musa da Mahmudu, kome ya yi kyau. Domin yadda suka shaku haka, lalle in aka raba su hankalin Musa zai tashi ta wannanhanya zan san yadda zan yi in sa shi ya sulale da dare ya bi dan’uwansa.” Sai ya yi dariya, ya buga kafa a kasa.Kashegari, ko da ya tafi wagen fadanci aka fara ‘yan tade-taden duniya, sai ya takalo maganar yaki, ya ce, “Mu dai mun saki jiki da duniya yanzu, ba mu shirin kome.”Sarki ya ce, “Me ya kawo wannanmagana, Waziri? Muna cikin sulhu haka, me ruwammu da wani shirin mayaka?”Waziri ya ce, “Ai ka san ba a san abin da sauran kasashe ki ciki ba. Gwamma ko mu zauna da shiri, don ba a fafa gora ranar tafiya.”Sariki ya ce, “Wane shiri ya wanda mu ke da shi yanzu? Ga Sarkin Yaki, ga Barde, ga Madawaki, cikinsu kowane ya yi kikan kura sai a ba shi hanya.”Waziri ya ce, “Wadannan ai duk sun tsufa, ga Sairkin Yaki yanzu a kalla ya ba saba’in baya. Wanda ya ke haka, tun da Allah ya nufe shi da samun magaji, ya kamata ya huta. Dabarata sai Mahmudu ya koma gidansu, ubansa ya rika koya masa al’amuran yaki.”Musa da ke nan sai ya tsolma baki ya ce, “In dai don a dauke Mahmudu ne, a bar ni ni kadai, ni ban yarda ba, sai dai mu je a koya mana tare.”Waziri ya kau da kai ya kuta, ya ce, “Ina ruwanka da koyon yaki, kai da za ka sa a je a yi maka?”Musa ya ce, “Ni dai ban yarda mu rabu ba.”Sarki ya e, “Tun da musa bai yarda ba, dabararka ba ta yi ba ke nan, Waziri.”Waziri ya bata fuska, zai fara wata magana sai ga wani ya zo ya fadi gaban Sarki, ya ce, “Ga Wazirin Sarkin Sinari ya zo da wadansu manyan garinsu, ya ce a yi masa iso.” Sarki ya ce ya shigo. Da ya shigo ya yigaisuwa, ya mika masa takarda. Magatakarda ya karba ya buda, sai ya ga an rutuga:“Takarda ta fito daga Sarkin Muminai, Sarkin Sinari, Abdul’azizi, dan Shahu Muhtar, zuwa ga masoyinsa amininsa Sarki Abdurrahman, gaisuwa mai yawa, da so, da yarda, da aminci. Amma bayan haka ina so in karfafa zumuntan nan da ke tsakanimmu, saboda haka na ba dana Musu ‘yarka Sinaratu, in sun kara girma a yi biki. Sai mu shirya a gama su tun muna da rai, Haza wasalamu.”Da Sarki ya ji abin da takardan nan ke ciki sai ya tashi da fada, ya fizge takarda daga hannun, Magatakarda ya kyakke ta. Ya tashi ya kama gemun Wazirin Sinari, ya jefad da shi gefe guda. Sarakunansa suka shiga tsakani, suna “Hucewa mai duniya! Rashin hankali ne na yara.”Sarki ya ce, “Ko Musa ya lalace ya auri Sinaratu? Me aka yi aka yi Sarkin Sinari, balle ‘yarsa Sinaratu?”Ya dubi mutanensa, ya ce, “Ku yi ta dukansu sai sun bar kasata!”Wazirin Sinari ya ruga, ya haye dokinsa, mutanensa suka dafi bayansa. ‘Yam birni suka bi su eho, eho. Fada duk ta rude, fadawa suka yi ta duban juna. Liman ya ce,“Allah ya ba ka nasara, abin nan da aka yi, a aika lafiya dai?”Sarki ya ce, “me ya firgita ka? Don dai mai garin Sinari ko cewa na yi a mare shi, ya yi magana?”Barde ya ce, “Ai Sarkin Sinari yanzu ganin kansa ya ke daidai da kowa. Ban yi tsammanin abin nan da aka yi masa zai kyale ba.”Sarki ya ce, “Kai ma ka karai ne, kamar Liman?”Waziri ya ce, “Ba karaya ba ce, ai gaskiya ce abin da na ke fadi yanzu na kan ba mu da shirin kome.”Mutane suka ce, ‘Gaskiyarka, Waziri, ga Sarkin Yaki yau kwanansa kamar ashirin kenan sai a kwantar a tayar, ba shi ko da magaji.”Sarki ya kara fusata, ya ce, ‘Ba shi da magaji? Watau kun shiga maganar tsohon banzan nan? In dai maganar Mahmudu ku ke wa mita, na dauki alkawari, ko bai iya kome ba, duk yakin da ya fara tashi nan gaba, shi zai zama jagaba.” Aka gama fadanci aka watse, suka tafi suna zunden Waziri.Waziri ya koma gida da fushi, ya kama shawarwarin abin da zai yi wa Sarki ya huce haushinsa. Daren nan ya kasa barci, ya kulla wannan ya kwance, har asuba. Da gari ya waye sai ya rubuta takarda zuwa wajen Sarkin Sinari, ya ce, “Kada wani abu ya ba ka tsoro da Sarki Abdurrahman, shirim ne ba inuwa. Muddin ka dauki alkawarin za ka nada ni Sarkin garin nan, niko na san yadda zan yi in taimake ka ka ci kasar. Domin duk mutanen kasar sai abin da na ce musu. Da farko sai ku dauri niyya maza ku zo kafin su shirya. Ku biyo ta kadarkon Kimba, don ta wannan hanyar har ka shigo birni kowa bai sani ba. Ku taho tare da wannan yaro ya nuna muki hanya, domin ko ban da shi nan kasar ba wanda ya san wannan hanya.” Sai ya ba wani amintaccen bawansa, wai shi Barakai,ya gaya masa yadda zai yi, ya sallame shi.Sarki Abdurrahman kuwa bai sake komawata kan Sarkin Sinari ba. Ana nan ran nan ya sa aka daura wa dawaki sirada, ya hau tare da yaran nan suka tafi shan iska, har suka kai wata fadama, suka sauka suna hutawa, sai ga wani Balarabe dauke da aku cikin keji. Ko da Musa ya daga ido ya gan shi saiya ce, “Alo, alo, ga aku a saya mana!”Nan da nan wani bawan Sarki da ska je da shi ya kira Balaraben nan, ya tambaye shi kudin akun. Balarabe ya ce, “In ba jaka guda ba, ba na sayad da shi.”Da bawan nan ya ji haka sai ya ce, “A’a! Da Sarkin za ka yi ba’a? Kana tsammani sarki ya tambaye ka karin magana ce?”Da bawan nan ya fusata Sarki haka, sai ya cika ya ce a kama Balaraben nan. Bayin da aka zo da su suka tasam masa kamar za su cinye shi danye, da shi da tsuntsunsa duka.Da dai tsuntsun nan ya ga haka, sai ya kada fifike, ya ce, “Allah ya ba ka nasara, kada ka yi hushi bisa ga gaskiyar ubangijna. Ni ma a jaka gudan nan da ya fadi a ganina ya karya mini daraja ne. Kamata ai bai kamata a sallama ni jaka guda kadai ba.”Sai sarki ya ce wa bayi su tsaya. Ya dubi dan tsuntsu, ya ce, “Kai kuwa dan tsuntsunnan mene ne dalilinka na wannan cika bakihaka?”Sai aki ya dukad da kai, ya ce, “Akwai kuwa,Allah ya ja zamaninka, takamar da na ke yi ba don saboda kyaun jikina kadai na ke yi ba, ba ko don saboda dadin bakin nan da Allah ya ba ni ba, amma saboda baiwa wadda Ubangijimmu ya yi mini ta wajen iyaduba. Har yanzu ta kai ni fagen ina iya ba da labarin abin da za a yi nan gaba, balle ma a tambaye ni wanda aka yi ya iyaka. In kuma labaruruka ka ke son ji, ko na aljannu, ko na barayi, ko na Sarakuna, in kasaye ni in ya so ma kada ka sake batad da kudinka a banza garin sayen Alfulaila, ko wadansu littattafai na Turawa wadanda ba su da wani labari daga na tafiye-tafiyen gan kasashe, sai fa na tarihe-tarihe da na lissafe-lissafe, da na kiwace-kiwacen lafiya, masu gundurad da mutane. In kuma karuwa ka ke nema wurin arziki, in ka saye ni bukata ta biya.”Sarki ya ce, ‘Ta wajen suruntun naka na wofi?”Aku ya ce, “Surutu ba abin rainawa ba ne. Magana ai jari ce.”Da yaran nan suka ji ya iya ba da labarai, da ma abin da su ke so ke nan, sai suka yi ta tsalle-tsalle suna murna. Sarki ya rike baki yana mamakin wannan tsuntsu. Sarki ya ce wa aku, “Tsaya mene ne na wanan irin fafarniya? Yabon kai jahilci. In kana da hikima, gaya mini yau shekarun Musa nawa?’Sauran mutanen da suka zo tare da Sarki suka fashe da dariya, suka ce wa Sarki, “Allah ya ba ka nasara, ka ko kashe mana bakinsa! Ya fadi mu ki kan ba karya ba.”Aku ya dubi Musa, ya ce, “Yau shekarunsa goma sha hudu da wata biyar d kwana uku.”Mutane suka ce, “A’a! Ai ko, allah ya ba ka nasara, gaskiyarsa!”Sarki ya ce, “Kai ji ya yi wajen wadansu anafadi. Labarin musa yanzu ina ne bai kai ba?” Ya sake ce wa aku, “To, mun ji ka rike wannan da ka ji mutane ke fadi, amma wace rana ce aka haife shi?”Aku ya sake duban Musa, ya ce, “Ranar Jumma’a da la’asar.”Sarki ya ce, “A’a! Ai ko gaskiyarsa.” Ya dubiaku, ya ce, “Da ya ke kana da hikima, sai ka gaya mini me zai fara aukuwa gare shi?”Aku ya ce, “Ba za ka so ka ji wannan al’amari ba, don zai bata maka rai kwarai. Ya fi kyau a bar kaza cikin gashinta.” Sarki dai ya nace sai ya gaya masa, in ya ki kuwayanzu ya sa a hura wuta a babbaka shi da rai.Da aku ya ga Sarki ya fusata sai ya ce, “Ka yi mini gafara bisa ga abin nan da zan fadi. Musa zai zama sanadin cuce-cuce, da raunuka, kai har da halakar rayukan mutane kamar dubu na kasan nan. Wannan al’amari kuwa ba da dadewa ba zai auki. Da ma kana ganewa, ka sake shiri tun da wuri.”Da Sarki ya ji haka sai ya hasala, don aku ya ce dansa zai zama sanadin mace-mace. Ya dauki kejin ya jefar. Ya tashi zai je ya take dan tsuntsun nan ya mutu. Bayi kuuma suka zaburam ma Balarabe, duk wurin ya harmutse. Sai kwaram suka ji kuwwa. Su waiga haka, sai ga wani mai doki sukwane, ya zo ba ko sirdi, duk jikinsa jina-jina, abin ba kyaun gani. Ya fadi gaban Sarki, ya ce, “Wayyo Allah! Wayyo Allah! Ka yi mana agaji! Ai ga Sarkin Sinari can ya shigo kasarka da yaki, yan garuruwammu na nan kan iyakar arewa duk sun zama toka. Na rantse har dagirmanka, ni kadai na tsere!”Sarki da mutanensa duk suka yi sako, kowa na duban dan’uwansa. Sai kawai daga bayansu suka ji wani abu, ha ha ha! Duk suka waiga firgigi, sai suka ji daga cikin keji an ce, “Ai ga ta nan. Da ma na gaya maka, ka tashi kashe ni, kai ne ba ka sani ba, ba irin magana kamar tamu a ke rainawa ba.”Sarki bai sami ta cewa ba. Aku ya ce, “Ko yanzu in ka bi shawarata Allah ya kyauta, ba wani abin da zai bata maka rai.”Sarki ya dubi aku da fushi, ya ce, “Ka rufa mana baki nan! Wata shawara gare ka?”Musa ya a baki ya ce wa Sarki, “Allah ya ba ka nasara, matambayi ai ba ya bata, ya fadimuji.”Sarki ya ce, “To, fadi, in ko shawarar taka ba ta fita ba, ina murde maka wuya, kowa ya huta.”Aku ya ce, “Yanzu Sarkin Sinari ya kusa kawowa kadarkon Kimba, nufinsa ya biyo ta tsakanin dutsen Kimba da na Ubandawaki ya kewayo ta gabas ya fada wa birni ta inda ba a tsammaninsa.”Sarki ya ce, “Cikin ‘yan gari ma akwai wani mahalukin da ya san wannan hanya, balle Sarkin Sinari?”Aku ya ce, “Kai dai ka ji abin da zan gaya maka. Yanzu maza ka koma gida ka aika da ‘yan kwarbai su tsare makurdin nan da ke tsakanin dutsen Kimba da na Ubandawaki. Kome yawan rundunarsa, ko mutum goma masu karfin zuciya sa iya mai da shi baya a wannan wuri, kafin ya kewayo ma ka shirya uwar yaki.”Sarki ya yi tsaki. Musa ya ce, “Dan akun nan ya san abin da ba mu sani ba, sai a bi shawararsa mugani.” Ko-da-ya-ke abin nan da aku ya fai Sarki na jinsa kamar tatsuniya ce, duk da haka tun da Musa ya sa baki sai ya hau, suka koma gida, ya zabi‘yan kwarbai guda dari ya aika da su inda aku ya misalta masa. Ya kuma ta da manzanni ya aika da su kudu da arewa, gabas da yamma, a gaya wa mutane su yiwo harama su zo maza da shirin yaki. Makera kuma suka shiga gyara makamai.Ana nan yatan kamar kwana biyar sai ga wani daga cikin ‘yan kwarban da Sarki ya aika ya zo a sukwane da bushara, ya ce waSarki, “Allah ya ba ka nasara, ai wannan dabara da ka yi ta fita. Shekaranjiya da hantsi muna nan mun yi kwanto inda ka cemana, sai muka hangi kura ta toshe sama, sai tsinin masu kawai ka ke gani suna wal wal wal. Ga masu dawaki da dakarai bilahaddin, muka hanga har iyakar ganimmu, ba mu ga karshensu ba. Muna nan dai sai da muka bari goshin yaki ya kawo dab da mu, sa’an nan muka yi ta sako musu kibau kamar ruwan sama. Na gaba suka juya da baya suka gamu da wadanda ke biye, abin ya cude, ga ‘yar hanya karama, dawaki suka yi ta zallo sunafada wa junansu. Mu ko dai sai zuba musu kibau mu ke, na bisa na ta sullubowa kasa, dawaki na tattake su. Cikin na gaban nan sai sai dai suku sami komawa wajen uwar yaki. Jim kadan kuma sai ga wadansu sukataso wai za su yi mana sukuwar salla. Ba dama, don hanyar ta cika matsatsi tsakanin duwatsu. Muka yi musu yadda muka yi wa na farko. Aka yi ta aiko wadansu, muna yi musu hhakanan, har la’asar ta yi. Da suka ga ba dama suka koma, suka bar gawawwakin ‘yan’uwansu nan, abin sai wanda ya gani!”Ko da Sarki ya ji haka, sai ya yi kamar ya cekaka don murna. Ya shiga ya gaya wa aku, ya yi ta gode masa, ya yi kamar ya fauke shi ya hadiye shi. Nan ake ya dauko jaka biyu ya ba Balarabe, kudin aku. Ya kawo ingarma taka hau ya ba shi, ya kara masa da bayi bakwai, ya ba shi kyankyandi gomasha biyu na tufafi, ya sallame shi ya tafi.Cikin daren nan sa ga Barakai ya komo ya gaya wa Waziri abin da ya faru, ya ce, “Mu ke kan gaba, sai kawai muka ga ana ta zubo mana kibau, har aka sami dokina ban sani ba, sai na ga kawai mun zube. Ni ko da na ga haka sai na kwants karkashinsa kamar na mutu. Na yini nan ba motsi, ana ta yaki bisa kaina. Da dare ya yi tsaka, na ji sun yi shiru, sai na sulale na dawo.”Waziri ya yi masa barka, ya ce, “In ji ba a gane kai ne ba?”Barakai ya ce, “Na tabbata ba wanda ya gane ni.”Waziri ya ce, “To, madalla. Ama ina mamakin yadda Sarki ya gane ta nan za su bullo.”Barakai ya ce, “Ni, ma hakanan. Bakina dai ban yi da kowa ba.”Waziri ya ce, “Lalle mutanen Sinari akwai munafukai. Amma ba kome, gobe ma rana ce.”Bayan kamar kwana uku gayyar yaki ta taru, gari ya cika da dawaki da dakaru har ya amaye, kauyukan rabe da birni ba wanda bai cika ba. Da Sarki ya ga duk an hallara, tun da sassafe sai ya kira Waziri ya bar shi tsaron gari.Waziri ya duka, ya ce, “Na ko karbi amanan nan taka da hannun dama.” Yana, ‘yan koke-koken munafunci.Sarki ya tashi ya shiga gids, ya kira wadansu bayinsa amintattu guda goma sha biyar, ya bar su tsaron digan, ya ce su lura kada so Musa su fita waji sai sa’ad da Allah ya dawo da su lafiya. Ya kuma tafi ya kira su Musa wajen aku, ya ce musu, “In kun kuskura kuka fita wajen gidan nan bayan ba ni nan, ban yarda muku ba. Kamakome za ku yi ban yarda muku ku yi shi ba, sai kun zo kun shawarci akun nan. Abin da ya ce muku kuwa, ko da kunsa tsammani kari kuskure ne, kada ku ketare shi.”Yara suka fashe da kuka suna cewa, “Baba,mun ji abin da kai ce duka, ma ko bi.”Sarkin ya juya wajen aku, ya ce, “Kai kuma, go amana nan, in ka ci amanata, to, Allah ya isa.”Aku ya ce, “Hakannan ne, ranka ya dade. Inallah ya so kuwa, ka tarad da abin da ka ko so.”Sarki ya ce, “To, madalla.” Zai tashi ya ce, “Af, jiya kuwa na ga wani da wata macen aku, na saya don in gama ku tare, ta rika debe maka kewa.” Ya aika aka kawo ta, akagama su. Aku ya yi godiya, suka yi sallama da Sarki.Walaha na yi, aka buga tamburan tafiya. Sarki ya taka ya hau, sai Waziri ya zo ya ce, “Allah ya ba ka nasara, ko ka sha’afa ne? Ka yi alkawari duk yakin da ya fara aukuwa da Mahmundu za a.”Sarki ya kawo iya wuya, ga bakin cikin rabuwa da iyali, ga kuma wata maganar banza. Sai ya sa baki ya kira Mahmundu yace, “Ga doki nan, hau mu tafi, da kai za a.” Mahmundu ya dare doki.Musa ya ce, “Ni ma zan tafi!”Sarki ya ce, “Ba na zuwa da kai.” Musa ya fashe da kuka, ya ce ba ya rabuwa da Mahmundu. Sarki ya daka masa tsawa ya koma gida, ya kira Sarkin gida da bayin nanda aka bari tsaro, ya ce, “Ku lura kada ku bar Musa ya ko leko waje, in wani abu ya same shi ina yanka ku!” Suka shiga da shi. Runduna ta dunguma, aka taryi inda SarkinSinari zai fito.Da Waziri ya ga an raba Musa da Mahmundu, ga shi kuma Sarki ba ya nan, sai ya tafi gida ya yi ta murna, yana tsalle-tsalle. Ya shiga tunane-tunanen abin da zai yi ya halaka Musa kafin Sarki ya daawo.Domin in ya samu ya kashe Musa, kome yafaru wurin yaki shi ke bisa. In Sarkin Sinari ya ci nasara, bukaa ta biya, in ko Sarki Abdurrahman ma ya ci, duk daya, don ko ba jima ko ba dada shi ne zai gaje shi.Da ya kurar yaki ta bace, sai ya kira wadansu katti hudu cikin bayinsa wadandaya amince da su, ya ce yana da wata bukata, wanda duk ya biya masa ita zai ‘yanta shi.Bayin nan suka dauka gaga daya, “Fadi, yanzu ka ga aiki da cikawa!”Waziri ya ce, “Inaso ku kashe mini Musa. Yana nan cikin gidan Sarki an kulle shi, an sa duk bayin gidan su tsare shi.”Bayin nan suke ce, “Af, in haka ne yaya za mu yi mu kashe shi?”Waziri ya ce, “In dai kun kasa kunne kwa ji, aiki a ke so ba surutu ba. Yanzu duk hankalinsa yana ga Mahmudu dan uwansa. Na san lalle in kafa ta dauke, yadda aka yi duk sai ya yi kokarin da ya fitodon ya bi shi. Sai ku nemi buhu, in dare ya yi ku je da shi kogi ku jefa.”Baye suka ce, “An gama.”Musa ya yini ran nan sukuku. Mutane sunatsammani uban ya ke tunawa, saboda haka ba su koma ta kansa ba. Da magaribata yi Sarkin Gida ya kulle kofofi duka, ya miko wa Musa mabundi ta taga, yadda Sarki ya ce ya rika yi kullum. Ya koma zaure wajen bayin nan da aka bari, suka yi ta hira har kusan asuba, sa’an nan barci yakwashe su. Duk abin nan kuwa Musa bai yibarci ba, yana jira bayin nan su yi, ya je ya gaya wa aku ya bar shi ya fita ya bi su Mahmundu.Da ya ji sun yi barci, sai ya shirya, ya dauki mabundan nan, ya shiga damaru, ya dauki garkuwa da mashi, ya nufi wurin aku. Sai ya tarad da aku namijin, watau wanda aka fara saye mai sihiri, yana barci. Sai ya ce, “Af, tun da wannan ke barci bari in tambayi matar, da Bako da Tukura ai duk Umbutawa ne.” Ya tsaya gaban macen aku, ya ce, “Na zo in gaya muku ne don ku sani, za ni bin Mahmudu, duk abin da zai same shi ya same mu tare.”Da akun nan ta ji haka sai duk ransa ya baci, ya harari aku ya ce, “Har ke dan tsugunin nan naki kin isa ki hana ni zuwa wurin dan’uwana? Karyarki ta sha karya!” Sai ya kama ta, ya murde kan, ya yar. Yana jefad da ita sai mijin ya farka. Musa ya juya wajensa, ya ce, “Kai kuma me ka ce?” Na zo in gaya muku ne zan bi Mahmudu yanzu.”Da akun nan ya ji haka, sai ya dubi matar, ya ga abin da ya auku gare ta. To, ga shi Sarki ya bar masa amanar yaro, in ya bari ya fita, lalle ya ci amanar Sarki. Ya ga kumain ya hana yaron nan tafiya, lalle abin da yaauku ga matarsa zai auku gare shi. Yana nan yana tunanin wadda za ta fisshe shi, sai Musa ya ce, “Ban ji ka ce kome ba, ko kuma kai hana nin za ka yi, yadda matarka ta tashi hana ni?”Aku ya daga fiffike, ya duka, ya ce, “Mamakin abin da ya sa ka ba mace shawara na keyi Ai magana irin wannan saimu tsakanimmu maza. In ba rashin hankalin mata ba, ina mutum zai ce za shi ga dan’uwansa, sa’an nan a hana shi? Yi maza ka tafi, kada ka ji tsoron kome.Ba shakka dai ka cika dan kirki, tun da ba ka saba abin da tsohonka ya hore ka da shiba, da ya ce kome za ka yi ka shawarce ni. Ga shi ka san ni ba kome ba ne, amma donka cika umurnin ubanka ka zo. Da ma abin da a ke so ke nan kawai ga dan kirki ya bi maganar iyayensa da malumansa. Dan zaki da ya bi halin ‘ya’yayen zamani, ya ki bin maganar magabatansa, ai ka ga yadda ka kare.”Musa ya ce, “Dan zaki? Wace magana ya kibi? Su ma dabbobi suna wata magana ne?”Aku ya ce, “A! Suna yin irin tasu mana. Bari ka ji yadda suka yi.”Koma Baya{talla}Littatafan Hausa

Xtgem 3

Ibrahim Auwal | July 01, 2017 | 0 Comments
kuna tare da dandalin koyon programming da
hada site.
zamuyi anfani da duniyarnet.cf a matsayin misali.
kawai kaje kai login a xtgem naka kai create na
sabon site ta hanyar danna create new site (daga
canqasa yake)
bayan ka bude site din sai kaje filebrowser kadan
upload file,zasu baka zabi biyu,sai ka zaba zabin
na biyu(ma'ana upload via remote server)to
ananne zaka rubuta sunan site din da kakeso ka
sacewa design,misali www.duniyarnet.cf ko
www.duniyarnet.xtgem.com bayan kayi upload
sai kasake komawa file browser,zakaga wani file
mai suna index sai kagogeshi tahanyar danna
alamar dake gefenshi na dama(xai budema
rename,delete dss.sai ka zaba delete),sai kasake
dawowa file browser xakaga wani file maisuna
duniyarnet ko duniyarnet.cf sai shima kadanna
alamar dake gefensa na dama,kashiga
rename.sai kai rename nasa
.bayan kasamasa suna index,sai kaje kai view na
site dinka kagama.
naku cyber ibrahim

Xtgem 2

Ibrahim Auwal | July 01, 2017 | 0 Comments
muna tsammanin cewa ka karanta darasi na
farko,domin wannan chigabansa.
hanyar farko ta upload shine;ta direct upload
wanda zasu kaika inda zaka zaba foldar inda ka
ajiye hoton.hanya ta biyu kuma zakai upload via
remote server wanda shi kuma zaka rubutu link
din hoton ne matukar anyi upload nasa a server
ta xtgem.
bayan kagama upload sai ka kofe link din hoton
misali: www.arewabooks.xtgem.com/
proxy_form.png to yanzu ne aikin zaifara,ka kofe
wannan code din.
<style type="text/css">body{background:url
( http://arewabooks.xtgem.com/proxy_form.png )}
ka tabbata kayi edit na url din zuwa na hoton
dakai upload.
bayan ka gama sai kaje creator na site dinka
daga can kasa zakaga inda akasa open in code
editor ,bayan code din ya bude ma sai kaje
tsakanin <head>da </head> sai ka rubuta code
dinnan mai dauke da url na hoton.
dats all daga cyber ibrahim

Xtgem 1

Ibrahim Auwal | July 01, 2017 | 0 Comments
Assalamu alaikum,dafatan kuna cikin koshin
yau muna tafe da wani sabon darasi mai suna
mu koyi xtgem,abubuwan da ake buqata ga mai
koyon darasin yau shine:
*account na xtgem
*idan baka dashi kuma zaka iya samung uda
darasin mu na farko zai koyamana yanda zakasa
hoto ya zama kamar walpaper na xtgem naka.
dafarko bayan ka shiga xtgem naka akwai wani
wuri daxakaga sunayen websites daka hada daga
gefen kowanne suna zakaga wata koriyar alama
wadda take ita ke nuni wajen building na sai
dinka,ka tabbata kana saitin site din da kakeso
kasawa walpaper(background image)sai kadanna
koriyar alamar,zakaga wani page ya bude ma
dauke da wasu rubutu kamar su creators,file
browser,saika danna kan file browser,idan ya
bude sai kai click akan upload file,to kanada
dama guda biyu ta hanyar da xakai upload na pic
din da kakeso kasa.
dafarko dai katabbata bai wuce nauyin 2mb ba.
hanyoyin sune........,ZAN CIGABA A DARASI NA
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